Last Prod
Electronic Tonalities / Philippe Petit
Philippe Petit plays his "Buchla 200 Electric Music Box" giving birth to some musics that could block telepaths trying to read our minds. &
Video Editor / Cyril Slucki
Contrary to what is usually done Cyril Slucki started from music to images.
Transplanetary Vagrancy is paying tribute to science-fictional aesthetics, imagery, and futuristic approach. Opening new doors of perception sequencing color, forms and range, disrupting timbre and images, de-uniting the principles of horizontality (harmonic) and those of verticality (vision), modulating a "perpetual timbric movement" always in mutation, a sound-image of both substance and shadow, a voyage into a new dimension… Space and the unknown. Science… Fiction… Science-Friction?! An exploration of inner spaces, cinematic dreams and « Forbidden planets »..
« I wanted snippets to be chosen from sci-fi movies that I love, vintage and shot in the golden age of Space Age Pop when an alien future seemed possible. A backward-looking vision but one that would be crossed with geometric shapes and a very contemporary design and video techniques of today, simulating the use of electronic musical visualizers. Sound-designed on an analog Buchla 200 system but for an innovative treatment in the search for new timbres, tessitura, crossings. Looking back while thinking forward since as a composer I think I am totally retro-futuristic. » Philippe Petit / January 2021
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Ce site présente les travaux du collectif artistique Last Prod, créé par Cyril SLUCKI en 2008.
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